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Cedar Roofing

Top-Rated Cedar Roofing in Fort Worth

Top-Rated Cedar Roofing in Fort Worth, TX

With cedar roofing, you can give your property an authentic, natural appearance. This type of roofing offers a wide range of practical benefits, including longevity and lasting visual appeal.

When installing a cedar roof, using a professional’s services ensures you get optimal value for years to come. Texas Select Construction is a reputable cedar roofing installer in Fort Worth. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and tell us about your roofing project.

Types of Cedar Roofing

​There are two types of cedar roofing: shingles and shakes. Manufacturers cut shingles using a machine, which gives them a clean, smooth surface.

Cedar shakes, on the other hand, are split by hand. As a result, these tiles don’t have a uniform size, and they have a rougher texture than shingles.

Some property owners prefer the rougher, rustic appearance of shakes. However, because these tiles don’t lay flat against each other, they need additional waterproofing, insulation, and reinforcement during installation. These additional requirements increase the cost of installing shakes.

With both cedar shingles and shakes, you need professional installation to ensure optimal longevity. Contact roofing company Texas Select Construction today so we can help you select the best cedar roofing for your home and budget.

Cedar Roofing Benefits

Curb Appeal

Cedar roofing has natural textures and tones that enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. These roofing systems blend well with any residential setting, and they can increase the resale value of your house significantly.

The authentic appearance of cedar shakes or shingles complement other building materials such as bricks and tiles, and you can incorporate them into most architectural styles.


Cedar shakes or shingles are an environmentally-friendly roofing option. The manufacturing process of cedar roofing materials is labor-intensive but requires less energy consumption than other types of roofing. Unlike the production processes of materials like asphalt shingles, producing cedar roofing requires minimal use of fossil fuels.

When your cedar roof reaches the end of its functional lifespan, you can recycle the wood and grind it down to create products like garden mulch. Recycling ensures that your old roof will not build up in landfills or emit harmful chemicals.


Your cedar roof is a natural insulator, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because your cedar roof helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, you will need less energy to cool or heat your home, which saves you money in the long run. 

Lightweight and Durable

Cedar is a lightweight material that will not put strain on your structure. Additionally, as a low-density material, cedar offers optimal dimensional stability, and it won’t shrink or warp in humid conditions.

Cedar resists damage from moisture, UV rays, and sudden temperature fluctuations. As a result, you get a roof that can last for up to forty years.

Cedar Roofing Drawbacks

Cedar roofing has several advantages over other roofing types, especially durability, visual appeal, and energy savings. However, like any roofing type, cedar shingles or shakes come with their drawbacks.


Cedar is more expensive because of its functionality as a roofing material. The process of producing these shingles is also labor- and time-intensive, which increases costs.

Many property owners regard installing a cedar roof to be a long-term investment, as this roof will reduce your energy costs for the duration of its lifespan.

Fire Hazard

A cedar roof has a higher risk of catching fire than an asphalt roof. Some building codes ban the installation of cedar roofs to mitigate the risk of fires, especially in densely populated areas.

After installing your cedar roof, Texas Select Construction will apply a fire retardant to reduce your roof’s flammability.

High Maintenance

Cedar shakes and shingles are naturally resistant to damage from the elements, but they have higher maintenance requirements. At Texas Select Construction, we recommend scheduling complete cedar roof maintenance every two to four years.

When we perform cedar roof maintenance, we remove debris such as leaves, lichens, and conifer needles to allow for water runoff. We also remove tree branches around your roof to prevent impact damage and fires.

We also do a thorough gutter cleaning, surface cleaning, and individual shake or shingle replacement. We will also apply treatments such as water repellents, fungicides, and fire retardants to protect your roof and prolong its lifespan.

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When you need professional installation, repair, or maintenance for your cedar roofing in Fort Worth, contact Texas Select Construction today. We offer upfront pricing, a free initial consultation, and complete customer satisfaction. 



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