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02/2021: Winter Storm Arrives In Texas

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Local News

February 2021 saw one of the biggest snowstorms to ever hit Texas. Yes, you heard that right, a snowstorm! Temperatures across the state fell far below freezing and created an ice and snow emergency across the area.

The storm brought with it 20 inches of snow and left 2 million people without electricity. The freezing cold was absolutely unbearable for the citizens of Texas as many no longer had access to their heating systems as a result of the power outages.


Power Outages

Power and electricity providers in Texas were really taken aback by the storm and noted that this storm and the freezing temperatures that it brought with it was well beyond their design parameters as this was not normal weather for the state of Texas. The Southwest Power Pool called for rolling outages as reserve energy supplies had already been exhausted.

The snow caused many businesses to shut down and some stranded as the roads turned into an icy hell. According to meteorologists, the storm was part of a massive weather system that spread the icy weather across the Plains, Ohio Valley and up the Northeast.


Historic Storm

Meteorologist Jason Furtado from the University of Oklahoma noted that what was happening was truly historic and absolutely astonishing. Many residents across the state mentioned that they had not seen this type of snowfall in Texas since their childhood years.

One of the major issues caused by the storm was the hindrance of Covid-19 vaccine rollouts. Large shipments of vaccinations were unable to get to their destinations as a result of the storm and health officials had to scramble about trying to facilitate vaccinations so that the shipment would not go to waste.


State of Emergency

Air travel was also badly affected by the storm as thousands of flights to and from the area had to be cancelled. As the storm played out in the state, President Joe Biden declared the catastrophic snowstorm as a state of emergency in Texas.

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