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Commercial Roofing Common Problem Areas

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Commercial Roofing, Roofing Services

Running a business is no easy feat. You have to make sure you’re making enough profit while ensuring that your employees are happy and working in a safe and healthy environment. One way of ensuring the safety of your employees and the products and services that you provide is making sure that the roof which houses your company is in perfect, working condition.

It is important to address any issues that your commercial roof may be experiencing as soon as possible. Minor issues when not attended to can turn into major issues which may affect your employees and your business as a whole.

Is your commercial building suffering from damage or defects? Texas Select Construction provides a reliable, high-quality, and affordable commercial roof repair service in Fort Worth and the surrounding region. Call us today and speak with any one of our team members to get information about what repair solutions we offer. Better yet, go ahead and schedule a time to set up an inspection for a free estimate.


Here Are Some Of The Most Common Issues You May Experience With Your Commercial Roof


Roof Leaks

Much like any roof type, your commercial roof is subject to wear and tear. This is due to weather conditions, the environment you may be located in and aging. Roof leaks are a common problem for commercial roofing, especially in areas that receive quite a bit of precipitation throughout the year. These leaks can be caused by foot traffic damage, a lack of a proper moisture barrier, the wearing out of your roof coating, hail damage as well as poor installation. Leaks that are not tended to can cause damage to the structure of your commercial roof and the building as a whole.


Standing Water

Due to the size of major business warehouses and buildings, it is quite common for commercial roofs to be flat. While flat roofing is quite economical and durable, they do have their downfalls. One of the most common downfalls of flat roofing is the accumulation of standing water. Standing water occurs as a result of poor installation and bad drainage systems. It can also be caused by blocked and broken gutters. Standing water can lead to the deterioration of your roof materials and water leaking into your building.


Storm Damage

Fort Worth is no stranger to storms and the damage that these weather giants can cause. Things like heavy rains, severe winds and hail are all weather elements that can inflict severe damage on your commercial roof. While we can’t prevent storm damage we can tend to the damage caused by these storms as soon as possible.


Lack of Maintenance

Like all things, commercial roofs require regular maintenance. Tending to minor issues and repairing any faults is vital to the survival of your roof. Regularly maintaining your roof and keeping it in working condition will cost you a lot less than having to replace an entire roof every ten years or so.


Looking for exceptional commercial roofing services? Well, then look no further than our team of expert commercial roofers at Texas Select Construction. Give us a call today for your free roof estimate.

last Updated: 03-16-2023

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