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Roofing Laws in Texas

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Roofing Services

Before starting any roofing project or hiring a contractor, it is important to understand the relevant state roofing laws. Although licensing, experience, and skill seem like requirements for working on commercial or residential roofs, in Texas they are not. If you don’t do your own research about the roofing laws in Texas, you might hire a roofing contractor who provides, leaving you with an unstable and unsafe roof – or with no roof at all – as roofing scams are common in North Texas.

Do Roofers Need a License in Texas?

No. You might think a roofer needs a license to repair or replace a roof. Many professions legally require practitioners to be licensed. It’s natural to assume the same requirement applies to anyone working on a roof. However, a license isn’t mandatory for roofing contractors in Texas. The only exception is a person or company considered a specialty contractor. For example, a contractor who does electrical work, masonry, HVAC, carpentry, or paving on a roof needs a license.
The only requirement for roofers is to carry general liability insurance. That means any individual in the Lone Star State can claim to be an experienced roofer. There are unlicensed contractors providing roofing services, but selecting someone licensed by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) is your best option.
When someone obtains a license through RCAT, they not only carry liability or workers’ compensation insurance but have already passed a roofing skills examination. Knowing you’re hiring an RCAT-licensed roofing contractor can offer peace of mind because you know the roofer has the skill and experience to do the job right the first time.

What Permits Are Needed to Replace a Roof?

Texas law states that a residential or commercial property owner must acquire a permit to replace their roof. You can encounter significant project delays and expensive fines if you don’t obtain the proper permits before replacing the roof. Typically, a building permit is mandatory for any job involving a building’s structural elements, including the roof.
 You can get a permit at the Building Inspection Permit Center. However, applying can be confusing. When you hire us, we obtain the required permits on your behalf.

Can I Replace My Own Roof in Texas?

Yes. However, doing so can be unsafe and impractical. Although you may have experience with home improvement projects, replacing a roof is challenging and time-consuming. There are multiple reasons why you should consider hiring a roofing contractor instead of completing your roof replacement yourself, including:
  • It’s a dangerous job – Replacing a roof yourself or with help from family or friends is dangerous. You likely don’t have the necessary equipment to complete the project safely and correctly. You also risk getting hurt or damaging your property.
  • Unexpected challenges may arise – One of the most common problems DIYers encounter while replacing their roof is discovering more issues than they initially realized. You might think you can patch up a hole causing water leaks. However, when you get onto your roof, you might find several sources of leaking water and additional damage you didn’t know about before. You must then research how to fix the problems, which extends the project’s timeline.
  • Denied coverage – Insurance companies require estimates from professional roofers before processing claims. That means the insurer won’t cover the cost of your emergency roof repair or replacement if you do the work yourself.
  • Delays – You might be confident you can repair your roof efficiently. However, many business owners and homeowners learn the time-consuming process of a roofing project the hard way. Without the necessary experience and skills, the job can take twice as long and might lead to further damage, injuries, and other issues. A  licensed roofer knows which tools to use and how to complete the service quickly to meet necessary deadlines.
  • Inadequate protection – A roofing contractor guarantees their work with a warranty. If you decide to replace or repair your roof, there is no comparable protection against faulty materials, premature roof failure, and other issues covered under standard contractor warranties. That means you’ll pay out of pocket for necessary repairs in the future, costing you significantly more money than hiring a roofing company from the beginning.

Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor

At Texas Select Construction, we have the experience and training to provide dependable roofing services to commercial and residential clients in Fort Worth. We are licensed through RCAT and certified through Tropical Roofing Systems. We also have Owens Corning as Platinum Preferred Contractors status.
 If you want to hire a trusted and skilled roofing company for your next repair or replacement, call Texas Select Construction at (817) 770-0744 for a free inspection today.
last Updated: 05-19-2023

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