How Maintenance Affects Your Roof Warranty

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How Maintenance Affects Your Roof Warranty

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Roof Maintenance, Roofing Services

You must understand the various elements of your roof warranty to know what it guarantees. That way, you are prepared if a repair or replacement is necessary during the coverage period. Maintenance is an essential factor when it comes to your warranty. Improper maintenance might void the contract entirely, preventing it from covering the cost of roofing services.

Typically, after a roof installation, you get a manufacturer’s warranty for the materials and a workmanship warranty from the roofing company. Warranties protect against faulty products and improper installation. However, warranties can vary significantly in coverage, exclusions, duration, and transferability.

Below, we explain the factors that can void a warranty and outline the Roof Asset Management (R.A.M.) Program offered by Texas Select Construction.

Factors That Negatively Impact a Roof Warranty

Generally, you must maintain your newly installed roof to keep your warranty valid. Improper maintenance and other factors can lead to a voided warranty. That means the manufacturer or contractor will not cover the costs of repairing or replacing your roof. You’ll have to pay out of pocket for the expenses.

The most common maintenance issues that can void a roof warranty include:

  • Pressure washing – You might think maintaining your roof means ridding it of dirt, algae stains, and debris. While that is true, pressure washing is not the solution. It can cause damage, such as cracks leading to leaking water. Warranties don’t cover the cost of repairing a roof the property owner damages.
  • Improper insulation – Insulation is necessary to control the inside temperature, add another layer of protection against outside elements, and reduce energy costs. However, incorrectly installed insulation can lead to severe issues. Avoid trying to fix the problem yourself or hiring a different contractor from the one who originally insulated your home or office. That can void the warranty because warranties often require the original roofer to perform additional work.
  • Inadequate roofing ventilation – A roofing system includes more than tiles or shingles. Multiple parts, such as insulation, decking, and ventilation, are necessary to keep the roof functional. Ventilation helps keep interior spaces at comfortable temperatures. If you notice problems with your roof due to inadequate ventilation, your warranty likely won’t cover the repair.
  • Layered roof shingles – A contractor might layer new shingles over old ones to restore the roof’s look and cut costs. However, this can void the manufacturer’s warranty. You must not allow your contractor to use this approach while replacing or repairing your roof. Laying shingles over existing ones doesn’t allow for a secure or even fit. It increases the risk of premature roof failure and will likely require more frequent roofing services.
  • New hardware installation – Manufacturers and contractors only guarantee their work. That means their warranty with your roof installation won’t cover hardware additions such as a satellite dish or antenna.
  • Selecting another brand – You must use a manufacturer’s products to qualify for coverage under their warranty. The manufacturer can decide not to cover the cost whenever you choose a different brand. That means you must always review the warranty before upgrading parts of your roof, replacing damaged components with new ones, or completing any other work to maintain your roof.

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Our Roof Asset Management (RAM) Program

Texas Select Construction offers Fort Worth clients access to our Roof Asset Management (R.A.M.) Program. When you become a member, you can receive various services and benefits, such as:

  • Warranty Compliance
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • 24/7 monitoring and priority response
  • Proactive cleanings
  • Ensured compliance with roofing regulations
  • Documentation to help mitigate the financial consequences of property disasters
  • Semi-Annual inspections

Membership starts at $1,000 for steep slope and multi-family roof members. Maintaining coverage through the manufacturer’s warranty, we inspect multiple aspects of your roofing system, such as:

  • Nail pops
  • Sealant failure
  • Debris build-up
  • Penetrations
  • Missing tabs/ridge caps
  • Semi-annual visual inspections of the whole roof
  • Flashings
  • Ice damming damage

The warranty only covers minor repairs involving nail pops, sealant failure, and debris build-up. Documentation and a proposal submitted for approval are necessary for more significant roofing repairs.

Low slope memberships begin at $1,200. The required inspection items for maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty include:

  • Pitch pans
  • Clean all drains
  • Semi-annual visual inspection of the entire roof
  • Term bars/sealants

Additional costs apply for repairs beyond touch-ups and maintenance. A formal proposal submission for approval is necessary for significant issues discovered while inspecting the roof.  

You should consider joining our R.A.M. Program to keep your roof in good condition. Routine inspections and maintenance offer multiple benefits, such as:

  • Identify and fix potential issues before they become problematic and require expensive repairs
  • Strong return on investment
  • Extend the roof’s life expectancy to prevent premature failure and replacement services
  • Avoid costly emergency repairs
  • Improve energy efficiency, resulting in temperature control inside the building and lower energy bills
  • Comply with product warranties, regulations, and standards required by the roofing industry

Keep Your Roof Maintained with Texas Select Construction

Texas Select Construction issues manufacturer and workmanship warranties unless otherwise stated in the contract or in control by manufacturers only. The standard flat roofing warranty we issue is valid for one year after the installation date. We also offer product warranties when available.

Call us at (817) 770-0744 for a free inspection and learn more about our commercial roof maintenance services.

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