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What To Expect During A Commercial Roof Inspection

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Commercial Roofing

A commercial roof inspection is necessary to maintain your roof’s appearance, durability, and lifespan. Without regular inspections, you risk premature failure, voiding your roofing warranty, and subjecting your entire structure to damage that requires more than a simple repair. When you hire Texas Select Construction to do a roof inspection on your commercial property, here’s what you can expect.

What Do We Check During A Roofing Inspection?

The typical roof inspection begins on the inside of the commercial space. A roofer must examine the interior for signs indicating a potential issue with your roof. Mold growth, water stains, and other damage can signify a problem requiring prompt repairs.

The roof’s surface is the next stop during an inspection. A roofer might start at the outermost parts of the roof and work their way in, examining features that might allow moisture to enter the building, such as HVAC equipment, skylights, and vents. Ponding water can lead to leaks if any seals on these exterior features fail.

The drainage system is the last crucial aspect of inspecting a roof. The drains and gutters might have clogs from built-up debris preventing rainwater from flowing off the roof. The seals also get examined to ensure they’re tight enough to avoid premature water draining.

Benefits of Regular Commercial Roof Inspections

There are multiple benefits of getting your commercial roof inspected regularly, including:

  • Early detection and repair of problems – Remembering to inspect your roof is challenging, especially as a business owner. You might focus on more seemingly important tasks like managing your employees and handling other daily operations. However, ignoring your roof can lead to severe issues. Your roof must undergo regular inspections to locate minor damage that can become more significant problems if not repaired. For example, a small crack in the roof might cause occasional water leaks. However, not addressing the damage for months can eventually cause water damage, mold growth, and structural collapse.
  • Prolonging the life of the roof – You can increase the lifespan of your commercial roof with frequent inspections. Although a brand-new roof can last up to 40 years with adequate maintenance, inspections are necessary to determine whether damage from storms, debris, and other environmental factors requires prompt attention to prevent extensive damage.
  • Avoiding costly emergency repairs – Maintaining your roof can prevent emergencies requiring expensive repairs. A severe issue might disrupt your daily routine or require closing your company while repairs get done. Regular inspections keep your roof in good condition, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses.
  • Meeting insurance requirements – Insurance covers roof repairs and replacements under specific circumstances. By allowing a professional to inspect your roof, a detailed report of the problems is on paper to show the insurance company. Instead of trying to fix the damage yourself, an experienced contractor can correctly complete the job while meeting all of the insurer’s requirements to cover the costs.
  • Maintaining the value and appearance of the building – Your commercial property is an investment. You must protect it by scheduling semi-annual or annual roof inspections. Detecting and addressing problems with your roof keeps your building in pristine condition and maintains the property value.

How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?

With Texas Select Construction, your initial roof inspection is free. 

After the initial free inspection, the cost of subsequent roof inspections varies based on multiple factors, including the location of your commercial space, the size and type of your roof and building, and the quality of the roofing materials and installation procedures.

Consider joining our Roof Asset Management (R.A.M.) Program to save money on necessary roofing services, including maintenance.

Our R.A.M. program provides access to numerous services, including:

  • Warranty Compliance
  • 24/7 monitoring and priority response
  • Semi-Annual inspections
  • Proactive cleanings
  • Documentation to help reduce the financial consequences after a disaster

We offer two types of memberships – low-slope membership and multi-family or steep-slope membership.

1. Low-slope Membership

Costs begin as low as $1,200. Maintaining the manufacturers’ warranty requires inspecting multiple parts of the roof, such as:

  • Term bars/sealants
  • Clean all drains
  • Semi-annual visual inspection of the whole roof
  • Pitch pans

Memberships include touchups and maintenance. Some additional repairs require extra costs.

Billing for further repairs gets preferred pricing through Texas Select Construction’s RAM Program.
Your professional contractor will submit a formal proposal for approval to repair major issues found during the inspection.

2. Steep-slope or multi-family roof Membership

Price starts at $1,000 for membership through our R.A.M. Program. The manufacturers’ warranty requires these inspections:

  • Semi-annual visual inspection of the entire roof
  • Sealant failure
  • Debris build-up
  • Nail pops
  • Penetrations
  • Missing tabs/ridge caps
  • Ice damming damage
  • Flashings

Membership includes repairing minor sealant failure, damage to nail pops, and debris build-up. Fixing more significant issues will require documentation and a proposal submitted for approval.

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Minor damage to a commercial roof can quickly multiply and lead to structural failure, collapse, leaking water, and other severe problems. You should not hesitate to hire Texas Select construction for your next commercial roof inspection.

Ask about our R.A.M. Program to maintain your warranty and protect your roof from time-consuming and costly repairs.

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last Updated: 08-29-2023

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