Things to Know Before You Paint Your Metal Roof

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Things to Know Before You Paint Your Metal Roof

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Metal Roofing, Roofing Materials

A damaged metal roof can cause numerous problems. It not only affects the integrity of the structure but can also create leaks and subject interior areas to additional damage. You might think painting your roof will provide the protection you need. However, this does little to safeguard your home or office from the outside elements. The main benefit of a fresh coat of paint is enhancing the look of your property.

Here we explain why a roof coating is a better option than a coat of paint. 

Why You Should Choose Roof Coating Instead of Painting

Many people confuse roof coatings and roof paint. They often think they use the same material. However, they differ significantly.

Roof coatings protect buildings from environmental factors. They also improve energy efficiency by maintaining temperature control, whether hot or cold outside. Roof coatings don’t work similarly to paint. They’re a better protective option because they contain the chemicals necessary to withstand adverse weather conditions and changing temperatures.

Roof coatings provide a roof’s surface with an additional physical layer for improving durability. Painting a roof only adds a thin layer of paint, changing the color or reapplying the same color for a fresh look. It offers minimal functionality and protection. Although it can cover minor cracks, painting alone won’t prevent leaking water.

Roof paint doesn’t provide the same advantages as a roof coating, such as spray foam coating. Paint doesn’t increase the roof’s lifespan or improve durability. It isn’t waterproof and resistant to mold. White paint can offer some energy efficiency but for a short period. Eventually, the paint wears, requiring additional applications.


Advantages of Roof Coatings for Metal Roofs

You can paint your metal roof to change the look or create the appearance of a brand-new roof. However, you should also apply a coating. Elastomeric, spray foam, and other types of roof coatings are available to suit your specific needs.

Roof coatings work on all metal roofs, whether flat or sloped. They also do well in extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

The benefits of a metal roof coating include:

  • Flexible material – Roof coatings have elastomeric properties, allowing them to expand and contract during temperature fluctuations. A rigid roof coating can crack during extreme temperatures, allowing water to enter a home or office building. Using a coating with elastic properties gives the roof a hard surface resistant to cuts and tears.
  • Energy-efficient – Aluminum-based or white coatings can help keep the roof’s surface cool by reflecting the sun’s rays. Ceramic coatings reflect around 75% to 80% of solar radiation to deflect heat from the roof’s surface. Metal roofs expand and contract during significant temperature changes, placing stress on the joints. The solar reflective coating minimizes these changes making it ideal for hotter climates.
  • Waterproof – Protecting a residential or commercial property from moisture is essential when selecting a protective material for the roof. The type of roof coating you need will depend on the roof’s slope and level of moisture. Acrylic doesn’t offer much protection from standing water. However, coal tar-based coatings are thick enough to increase the slope and prevent standing water from penetrating the roof’s surface to the interior areas.
  • Chemical resistance – You might need to protect your roof from harmful chemicals, especially if you own a business with a ventilation system that pulls oils, greases, and other substances outside the building. A coating with coal tar, polyurea, silicone, or polyurethane is chemical-resistant. It can improve roof durability.
  • Cost-effective – Adding a coating to your metal roof is less expensive than undergoing a total roof replacement. If your roof isn’t nearing the end of its lifespan, applying a roof coating is an economical option. Instead of paying for replacement services, the expense only involves the coating materials and application.
  • Longer life – You can extend the life of your metal roof by applying a coating. By reducing water leaks, improving energy efficiency, and postponing replacement, you give your roof more time to do the job it needs to do.



Contact Us to Learn More About Metal Roof Coatings

If you’re considering painting your metal roof, consider adding a coating, too. At Texas Select Construction, we are certified through Tropical Roofing Systems, giving our customers access to a range of quality roof coating products. An elastomeric coating improves insulation, remains durable longer, and withstands harsh weather. With a spray foam coating, you get a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We have teams that specialize in both residential and commercial metal roofs, and offer free inspections as well as a Roof Asset Management (RAM) Program for commercial clients. Our RAM program allows business owners save money on the roof maintenance services they need to keep their warranty valid.

Call us at (817) 770-0744 today for a free quote if you want to apply a roof coating to your metal roof.

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last Updated: 05-22-2023

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