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Modified Bitumen Roofs

The Premier Modified Bitumen Roofing Contractor in Fort Worth, TX

Premier Modified Bitumen Roofing Contractor in Fort Worth, TX

Are you looking for a durable and affordable commercial roofing material? Consider modified bitumen. Modified bitumen roofs can last decades if installed correctly and are suitable for a wide variety of building structure types.
When it comes to modified bitumen roofing in Fort Worth, you won’t find a better installation company than roofing specialist Texas Select Construction. We have served the Fort Worth area for years, and customer satisfaction is our priority.

What is Modified Bitumen?

Modified bitumen is a catch-all term describing any material containing bitumen and a modifier. Bitumen, or asphalt, is a sticky black substance with excellent waterproofing and adhesive properties, which makes it an appealing material in road construction and roofing.

While standard roofing asphalt is fine for most roofing applications, it’s the modifiers that make modified bitumen roofs a better option. These modifiers can include polyester fibers or fiberglass to make the bitumen more flexible and durable, and as such, the first choice for commercial roofing.

The Benefits of Modified Bitumen Roofing


The main advantage of using modified bitumen roofing in Fort Worth is the cost. Not only is the material itself affordable, but the simplicity of installation also means you save on labor costs.

 A modified bitumen roof also pays for itself in the long term, as it requires very little maintenance and upkeep. If you have a large surface area, modified bitumen roofing provides excellent value now and in the future.

Easy to Maintain

Once installed, you can safely forget about your modified bitumen roofing for quite some time. When the time comes for repairs, they’re often inexpensive and easy to implement, without the stress of costlier roof installations.


Since modified bitumen roofing is easy to apply, it’s versatile enough for large roofs, small roofs, and everything in between.


Modified bitumen can handle even the harshest weather conditions, including heavy storms, extreme heat, and UV exposure. Flat roofs often suffer from moisture damage, but modified bitumen is remarkably water-resistant and can help protect the underlying structure.

Finding the Right Roofing Contractor in Fort Worth

Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements—that’s why it’s crucial to invest in a company with the expertise to install it correctly. Our expert team at Texas Select Construction has the tools and experience the install your roof right. We understand how our local climate affects roofs and which materials work best in which situations.

We don’t rely solely on our experience, either. We also keep up to date with the latest roofing developments. New materials and new installation techniques can produce better results, and we want to provide you with the best roof possible. We listen to what our clients want, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your new roof.

If you’re considering installing a modified bitumen roof in Fort Worth or need your existing one repaired, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call (817) 770-0744. Our team is always on hand to answer your questions. Check this page if you’re in need of commercial metal roofing service. 



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